Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Chandler and PIM

I have recently started using Chandler.The first thing I did was to read the vision statement.

This has been an additional help in decluttering the thought process.


Saturday, 28 June 2008

The power of "Now" in GTD

I am truly mesmerized by the "Now " or "2minute rule" in GTD concept.
All teaching of GTD principles should start with this unity concept- as it shows how various elements of GTD merge into one in the this:

Collect: You have already got it, it is in front of you or in your face.
Process: That is what you are doing- processing that information now!!
Organize:If you do it now, it would need any further organized, it is already sorted.
Review:It won't need that again.
Do:"just do it"

By doing it now: more than that- by being able do anything now,
1)you have already reached the simplest level of the task that it could have been broken down to.
2)You have already kick-started the project.
3)you have already taken care of the "Context"- which is done it wherever you are-eg: myself- online posting this blog.
4)The time factor- is in the present.

This way , in one single act, the information(Inbox), the project and it's task, it's context and time come together.

Next step would be:

If I cannot do it now, Am I the best person to do it?- delegate and wait for ,otherwise, when can I do it(Calendar or due date),Where can I do it (Context) etc....

I think, a beginner should start with fewer contexts and then increase the context it as the to-do list bloats up.
@Home,@Work@Out and about.
Sub lists could be @ Home-online,@Work-Computer

I will keep thinking..